Best Massage Chair Reviews: Models And Brands For 2015

top grey massage chair modelShiatsu Massage Chairs Deliver Invigorating Sports Massagese

We always think of ways on how to relax even for a while.

We imagine one lazy day on the spa, treated with all the luxuries like mud bath, sweating out our pressures in the sauna bath. Or perhaps, you are getting your skin and mind rejuvenated with aroma therapy, fresh flower petals and bubbles.

When, you are a sports enthusiast and don’t like the idea of a spa that much, you might be wondering what could be the best form of relaxation. The good new is, there is a sports therapy massage specially made for you.

Top Massage Chair Models

  • Fujita Kn9003 Zero Fravity Chair
  • Iyashi Infinity
  • Sogno Dreamwave Chair By Inada
  • Titan TI 7900
  • Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer
  • iRobotics 6-S Ultimate Chair
  • Omega MontagePro Massage Chair
  • Massage Chairs – Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity

A sports massage is beneficial for warming up and conditioning your muscles before the sports activity. If you don’t have a masseur, you shouldn’t worry since massage chairs are better substitutes since they can perform a lot of sports-related massages. They have a lot of massage therapies that come with the massage chair.

Athletes and sports enthusiasts know the benefits of a massage. They have a massage first before undergoing strenuous activities.

Aside from conditioning the body before the sports activity, a good massage is also beneficial after the exhausting motions. Sports massage chairs are advantageous for both amateur and professional athletes and sports lovers.

Massage loosens tight muscles, thus, minimizing injury and help in fast recovery from injuries. Athletic trainers use sports massage to increase blood circulation and flexibility of the athletes. This can enhance sports performance since it hastens metabolism and to produce more energy needed for the game.

Aside from increasing metabolism and faster motion, endorphins are also released. Also, it helps in reducing the risk of sports injury like sprain, pulled muscles and fractures.

Sanyo, Panasonic and Omega are some of the leading producers of sports massage chairs. They have built models specific for the needs of the athletes. There are also various types of massages incorporated in the chair such as acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu, deep tissue and Swedish.

Swedish massage techniques use long, flowing strokes which enhances blood circulation. For shiatsu, it is done by stimulating the acupressure points while massaging the specific areas in small circular motions.

This method is intended to relax muscles and relieve tension.

The sport massage chair can combine these techniques into one to provide the best gains. Shiatsu massage chairs contains airbags strategically placed to hit the areas that needs stimulating. The Panasonic EP-3222 massage chair has an amazing 33 airbags built into the seat and footrest that can perform massages on the lower portion of the body.

Professional athletes need a daily routine to keep their bodies in perfect form. For those who love sports as a form of release or a hobby, they are also prone to injury. Whatever your sports habit is, it is still very important to do some warm ups before the sports event. Muscles need to be stretched before vigorous movements are done.

A certain model, the Omega Montage Premiere massage chair, comes with a feature that allows you to stretch the lower part of your body.

There are sports which some people think aren’t too strenuous such as golf. However, athletes playing these sports complain later on about back and muscle pains.

Massage chairs are very convenient and practical choices to have the massage that you need. Getting a massage before the game might just take you on another leap ahead.

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